Unleash Your Brilliance

Unlock your passion and purpose with ​Clifton Strengths

From unfulfilled to Unstoppable

Ditch mediocrity and unleash your unique brilliance!

As your Gallup Certified Career Strategist, I'll use the science-backed ​Clifton Strengths assessment to reveal your natural talents and ignite ​your spark.

Together, we'll craft a personal brand that attracts opportunity, build ​a roadmap to your wildest professional dreams, and help you discover ​your inner fire – transforming you from unfulfilled to unstoppable.

Let's go

Imagine what your life could look like if you stop settling.

Uncover your strengths and realize your full potential!

Knowing your unique talents boosts confidence, fuels motivation, and skyrockets ​productivity.

It's the key to unlocking a fulfilling career, powerful collaborations, and a life ​brimming with purpose and satisfaction. This is the ultimate shortcut to becoming ​who you are meant to be!

From Panic Attacks to Purpose

From soul-crushing commutes to panic attacks, I felt lost in a career that ​wasn't me.

Self-discovery ignited my truth: we all have a unique soul mission. Mine ​is to guide ambitious women so they can unlock their full potential.

Ditch the doubts, unleash your brilliance, and build a career that makes ​your heart sing.

Let's rewrite the rules and unleash your inner rockstar!

Together, we'll craft a magnetic personal brand that attracts opportunity.

Because when you know your purpose, the world can hear your song!

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Hi, I’m Tamara!

I have been a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach since 2018.

  • My expertise is in maximizing the impact of CliftonStrengths® ​for individuals and teams.
  • Proven track record of delivering engaging and interactive ​virtual workshops for remote teams across various industries.
  • Each workshop is customized to your specific team needs and ​goals.
  • Participants actively participate and walk away with actionable ​insights.

Top 5 CliftonStrengths Talent Themes:

Command | Strategic | Ideation | Activation | Self-Assurance

Client ​Testimonials

“I really enjoyed the ​workshop. You did a ​wonderful job - Thank ​You! I could really see ​that you have found your ​passion with this - you ​were so genuine and ​sincere with lots of great ​knowledge.” - Lisa

“These tools have ​allowed me to say hello ​to myself. This has ​certainly changed my ​perspective on who I am ​and who I will become! I ​am grateful for your ​positive encouragement.” ​- Melissa

“Tamara is ​WONDERFUL!!! We met ​on a Zoom call and in an ​hour we clarified what I ​am meant to do. She is ​extremely knowledgeable ​about personality and ​ability tests and she asked ​the right questions!” - ​Lynnette

“You helped me listen to ​my internal voice and ​find clarity and direction ​in my life. I now know ​where I can make an ​impact and how to be ​fulfilled. Your strategies ​got me to my dream job!” ​- Alessandra

“I enjoyed our sessions.​ Your thought provoking​ questions really helped​ me to do more soul​ searching to learn more​ about myself, my needs​ and my desires instead of​ always thinking of others.​ Thank you.”​ - Tracy

“You made me realize I'm ​not stuck. I can do ​ANYTHING to make ​money. What I REALLY ​want to do is help people ​to give the gift of - I see ​you for all that you are & ​I love you for it.” - Lisa

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